Commercial Exchange

B&T BROKERAGE has a wide portfolio to give our corporate clients outstanding service. We provide products and services that can assist your business and add value to your trade. Come explore the benefits of the country’s largest exchange broker in the country and all of our advantages.

Commercial Autonomy

B&T is authorized by Brazil’s Central Bank to carry out its own operations, working in the foreign exchange banking sector. B&T has extensive experience in this segment and provides its clients excellent service, conducting money exchange in import and export and financial remittances for companies and individual clients. Our services offer less bureaucracy,extremely competitive prices, greater flexibility and personalized service. All thanks to a web system that ensures total control over all procedures.


B & T performs more than 50,000 exchange transactions annually with the largest national and international banks, providing excellent customer service and operational support. Thanks to the advanced operation control system which we developed, B&T operates in various services and sectors of the industry including automotive, aviation, telecommunication, mining, medical in a safe and efficient environment.


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