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Be a B&T Correspondent

B&T has a large network of Authorized Agents, present in virtually all Brazilian states. With B&T, authorized agents have the support required for customer service.


Products offers:

  • Purchase and Sale of Foreign Currencies
  • B&T TravelCard
  • International Remittances
  • Commercial Exchange

B&T Corretora provides its Foreign Exchange Correspondents with a unique system for registering and controlling tourism currency exchange operations, providing agility, safety, and competitiveness for authorized agents.

The Tourism Currency Exchange System is operated in real time, through the Internet, which allows greater agility and efficiency in the service provided to the final customer. In addition, we offer all the necessary support for commercial exchange operations.


Advantages of our system:

  • Automatic customer registration when making the purchase and sale ticket
  • Printing of small size voucher in thermal printer
  • Scanning customer documents
  • Consolidated profit control with real-time operation
  • Position control in foreign currency
  • Cash flow control (treasury) and much more


Contact us:

RJ 21 3219-1051  |  SP 11 2504-7700

Unique Advantages of the B&T Correspondent