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What has changed in the Legislation

Under the new regulations of the Central Bank of Brazil, institutions authorized to operate in the tourism exchange market, such as travel agencies and hotels will lose their authorizations as of 12/31/2009; and can not, from then on, operate directly in this segment.

However, as of January 1, 2010, any incorporated legal entity and mainly tourism agencies may operate in this segment, provided that on behalf of a Financial Institution duly authorized by the Central Bank.

Be an authorized B&T operator.

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Tourism Agencies

Legal entities registered under the regulations in force in the Ministry of Tourism as suppliers of remunerated tourist services may carry out foreign currency purchase and sale transactions in kind, checks or travelers' checks and unilateral transfers, from and to abroad;

Hotels, Inns, and Similar

Tourist accommodation facilities, duly registered in the Ministry of Tourism, in the form of the regulations in force, may carry out foreign currency purchase and sale transactions in kind, checks, or travelers checks and unilateral transfers to and from abroad;

Other Companies

Legal entities in general may carry out foreign exchange transactions related to unilateral transfers, to and from abroad.