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Our Performance

In conducting business, we are committed to acting with integrity and ethics. We are committed to conducting our activities in compliance with laws, regulatory standards and regulatory body recommendations, including Corporate Governance best practices.

We have developed internal structures, policies and controls to ensure that laws, regulations and rules are complied with by our employees, third parties, business partners, foreign exchange correspondents and suppliers.

Compliance Program

B&T has a Compliance Program that aims to identify, monitor and curb fraud and violations of legal and regulatory standards, as well as promote ethical principles among employees and other stakeholders.

The areas responsible for the B&T Compliance Program aim to ensure the necessary focus and effective compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, continuous improvement of the internal control system and the mitigation of business-related risks, particularly image, legal, compliance, regulatory and operational, which includes the risks of fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing and corruption, as well as the risk of business discontinuity.

In addition, the Supervisory Committee was established to integrate the units responsible for the Compliance Program, whose role is to operationalize their own decisions. The Governance Board ensures compliance officers with free access to information necessary for the exercise of their duties, full independence and authority to avoid conflicts of interest in the execution of their activities, as well as communication channels with the Board of Directors for reporting results arising from activities related to the compliance function and internal controls, from any identified irregularities or failures.

Legislation and Normative

Resolution No. 4,122 of August 2, 2012, of the National Monetary Council

It establishes requirements and procedures for constitution, authorization to operate, cancellation of authorization, changes of control, corporate reorganization and conditions for holding positions in the statutory or contractual bodies of the institutions it specifies, including Foreign Exchange Brokerage Companies.


Circular No. 3,691, of December 16, 2013, of the Central Bank of Brazil

Regulates Resolution No. 3,568, of May 29, 2008, which provides for the foreign exchange market and other measures.


Circular No. 3,461, of July 24, 2009, of Banco do Brasil

It consolidates the rules on the procedures to be adopted to prevent and combat activities related to the crimes provided for in Law No. 9,613, of March 3, 1998.


Resolution No. 2,554, of September 24, 1998, of the National Monetary Council

Provides for the implementation and implementation of internal control system.


Resolution No. 4,595, of August 28, 2017, of the National Monetary Council

Provides for the compliance policy of financial institutions and other institutions authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil.

Collaborate with Our Work

If you notice any misconduct that violates B&T ethical principles involving partners, shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, please feel free to contact us through the Reporting Channel below:

Reporting Channel