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Socio-Environmental Responsibility

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B&T Corretora, through its Socio-Environmental Responsibility Committee, develops a series of projects that contribute to the coexistence in a more sustainable world.

The projects range from the development of systems aimed at reducing the use of paper, with actions for planting tree seedlings in areas of Atlantic forest recovery and social actions for the care of children, adolescents and the elderly.

Amiga da Floresta

B&T Corretora de Câmbio seeks to help in the conservation of the Atlantic Forest. It has partnered with Instituto Iniciativa Verde, a third sector organization that seeks to contribute to the improvement of environmental services such as biodiversity, water and air quality.

Most of the projects elaborated by the Green Initiative involve the Brazilian reforestation. The planting of native seedlings is mainly done in the states of São Paulo, Paraná, and Rio de Janeiro. It is conducted in preservation areas based on studies and accompanied by experts from the organization. The Green Initiative believes that the environment can and should be preserved, that rural communities must be respected and that there can be a peaceful coexistence between nature and the whole of society.

At B&T Corretora every 100 contracts signed, 1 tree is planted in partnership with the Institute.


Amiga da Criança

Aware that the responsibility of children and adolescents in our country lies with society as a whole and not only with the public authorities, a group of toy entrepreneurs met in the late 1980s to inaugurate the concept of socially responsible companies.

In this context, in 1989, the Brazilian Association of Toy Manufacturers (Abrinq) created within its structure a Directorate for the Defense of the Rights of the Child, a center of the future Abrinq Foundation for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, which was officially founded in 1999. Today, it acts as a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the defense of rights and the exercise of citizenship of children and adolescents.

Based on International Convention on the Rights of the Child(UN, 1989), Brazilian Federal Constitution(1988) and Child and Adolescent Statute (1990), the Foundation has as its strategies: stimulus and pressure to implement public actions, strengthening of governmental and non-governmental organizations for the provision of services or defense of rights, encouragement of social responsibility, political and social articulation in the construction and defense of rights, and knowledge of the Brazilian reality regarding the rights of children and teenagers.

Since September 2014, B&T Corretora has been recognized by Abrinq – Save the Children Foundation as a Children Friend Company, due to its commitments to protect the rights of children and teenagers.

B&T has collaborated monthly since 2014 with two institutions that care for children in need.

Rio de Janeiro
Associação Cristã de Apoio a Criança – ASCAC

São Paulo
Associação de Apoio à Criança e família Substituta – LIMIAR


ABRINQ Certificate

Internal Actions

Every year, B&T conducts campaigns to collect clothing, toys and basic food baskets in order to benefit charities. Our campaigns reinforce the idea of generating a solidarity attitude between our employees and society.

We develop programs and actions of social responsibility, through volunteer work for the transformation of society.


Social Actions:

  • Winter Clothing Campaign
  • Donate a Toy Campaign
  • Christmas campaign
  • Flu Vaccination Campaign


Veja Mais

Eco Cambio

It is an incentive program to reduce the consumption of paper, where all stages of the exchange operation are carried out without printing.


Exclusive Portal for our clients, where you can consult the entire history of operations and generate reports without printing.

Saiba Mais

Exclusive, free B&T's tool that eliminates the need for printing and sending swift copies. An email is generated automatically informing the external supplier that the payment was made by the customer in Brazil.


Electronic Signature

All exchange agreements can be digitally signed. B&T encourages its customers to use this service, and today we have more than 70% of the digitally signed agreements.


We believe in projects that promote the exchange of knowledge, courage, and determination.

B&T recognizes the benefits of sport and culture and aims at its social, human, and sustainable development.

Renato Leite - Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Athlete

Renato is a three-time Pan American Champion and was voted the best in the world in 2014. He knows 28 countries and has won successful brands. Captain of the Brazilian sitting volleyball team – a gold medal at the Montreal Parapan-American Games 2017 and won the Golden Ball as the best setter in the competition.

After becoming an amputee, the young man counted on the comfort of his parents and his girlfriend – now his wife – to move on. After about seven months, he fitted a prosthesis below his knee and fully adapted. With a physical training of someone who excelled in sports, he successfully rehabilitated and regained his independence.

For him, the accident was his destiny. "My family gave me a lot of strength and I was able to leverage in the Paralympic sport. I did not stay at home crying, lamenting. I could have been depressed, but I chose another path. To be fulfilled in life, you just have to want,” he says.