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This institution is part of the Ombudsman Sharing System of the Brazilian Exchange Association - ABRACAM.

When to use the ombudsman channel?

The Ombudsman service should only be triggered when B&T CORRETORA CÁMBIO LTDA's regular service channels through the telephone (s) or email on this site do not meet or unsatisfactorily meet your needs for any reason.

Therefore, before calling the Ombudsman, contact the store where it was attended and explain your need.

Contacts with the Ombudsman are formalized internally, and have deadlines for service and solution. Therefore, in order for your demand to be recorded, analyzed and answered, it is mandatory to clearly state the following data:

Name of the institution or company providing the service.

Nome da pessoa com quem communicated before

Your identification and contact:

  • Complete nome
  • CPF / CNPJ or Passport
  • Contact phone with DDD
  • E-mail (Case no possua, Endereço de Correspondência com CEP), so that you can receive or return from OUVIDORIA

Or reason for your contact.

According to Resolution 4,433, dated 07/23/2015, from the Central Bank of Brazil, or service to the client of the Ouvidoria Canal customer of not maximum, 10 (ten) days, you must count the data of the registration of the death.

Tell us Osavid hairs following Canais:


Access the ombudsman through this FORM.