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Send and receive money abroad quickly and securely

B&T offers its international remittance service to send and receive money overseas.

Through its exclusive remittance system EasyWay – a technology developed by B&T to integrate multiple remitters and research the best rates and services

It is not necessary to have a bank account and in only 10 minutes* the money will be available to the beneficiary. Simplicity and ease at your fingertips, with B&T's assurance of quality and trust.

*10-minute period not valid for all remitters and locations. See conditions and availability.

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International Remittances

You can send and receive money from abroad through the International Remittances service provided by B&T Corretora.

Contact one of our nearest authorized agencies or our offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Recife.

Bank Remittances

B&T is authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil to operate as an exchange bank. With extensive experience in this segment, B&T has been providing excellent services to its clients, contracting foreign exchange operations with less bureaucracy, extremely competitive prices, greater agility, and personalized service. Check out the main remittance and receipt modalities made by B&T Corretora for you and your company.


Our International Transfer Systems


A global company leader in money transfers of money between countries. Its service is recognized as one of the most advanced and secure in the world, allowing you to send money quickly and easily to over 190 countries.

You send and receive values from abroad in just 10 minutes*, meaning your money reaches more than 190 countries with agility and total security and you do not even need to have a bank account.

*10-minute period not valid for all remitters and locations.
See conditions and availability.

Maximum amount of USD 3,000 (Three thousand US dollars).

More Money

More Money is a Uruguayan company with more than 13 years of activity in the money transfer market, establishing connections among the population of immigrants to send money to their loved ones, quickly and safely.

Easy Way

Specialized in sending and receiving money, the system makes the most modern international transfers with excellence and safety. Fast and accessible to the public, the EasyWay system connects people around the world, available throughout the country and connected to more than 350,000 establishments in 200 countries. Join us and make your international transfers through EasyWay.

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